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Tony Rodriguez has every reason to complain. A childhood car accident left him grossly disfigured, yet the challenges he has faced serve as an inspiration to others.

Tony V. Rodriguez and Karen Danner tell his story in Standing on Positive Ground. Complete with photos and other documentation, the book details his life and the myriad physical and emotional ups and downs.

Born into a migrant family, Rodriguez’s trajectory radically changed after the car accident. However, the right people were put into his path at the right time. Rather than focusing on the negatives that undoubtedly accompany more than 50 surgeries, he learned from the experiences and maintained a positive outlook.

His life serves as an inspirational testimony to others. Thanks to solid organizational tools, the story is easy to follow through Rodriguez’s life. Another significant factor is his constant belief in God amid all the pain and suffering.

Standing on Positive Ground delivers an emotional story of a man whose life was dramatically changed in a devastating car accident as a young child, but rather than dwell on negativity, he opted for a positive outlook.
~ Amy | Novels Alive


Goodreads 5 star review

 “The book is raw, deeply candid, and exquisitely written.

Most of all this is a generous and intimate description of the author’s own growth. With a plenitude of characters, historical and contemporary, and open expression of family dynamics


~ R. K. Emery

Goodreads 5 star review

 “Excellent read. It’s kind of hard for a memoir to be a page-turner, but that is exactly what this was for me.

The writing that just flows and it makes for an effortless read.

It’s so very in depth and really brings you into the action and what this man has faced throughout his life.

Read this book. You won’t regret the time you spend doing so, it’s wonderful.


~ C. Gonzales

Goodreads 5 star review

 “An inspiration to say the least. Tony V. Rodriguez lays it all out there for his reader. He doesn’t shy away from the dark, he’s honest in a way that endears him to the reader right away. We become invested in his story and his words.

Great piece of writing. Laid out in an easy-to-follow way where we get details and follow along from start to finish. Tony manages to inspire his reader with his life and his ability to overcome.


~ Samantha Turley

Goodreads 5 star review

 “I am so grateful Tony chooses to be vulnerable with his struggles and then allows us into his journey.

Tony has not only given us a great book, but truly a resource to help us walk through a hard season of life!

The fact that someone could go through all of this and come out of the other side with such a positive outlook is amazing.

I received a copy via RABT Book Tours & PR in exchange for an honest review.


~ Gina Stamper

A must read

 “This book is life changing and a must read. As the authors youngest sister. I did not realize what my brother had went through. I was not born at the time of the accident. I did not realize that my brother was even different than anyone else until I went to school and a friend brought it up. My brother is the strongest person I know. He has always been an inspiration to me and to everyone else he meets. His light shines brighter than anyone you will encounter. His wish is that through sharing his story he can inspire others. This book has touched me beyond words I had tears rolling down my face. It is definitely well written. I hope that this inspire to read this book.

~ Amazon Customer

Super inspirational story

 “As the authors Mother I am so happy that my son is finally able to share
his story. The book itself is well written. I’m so proud that he has
overcome so many obstacles and I’m so happy that he is such a wonderful
man and is so strong in his faith in God. His zest for life and his love
for other people is truly a testament to the person he is. I hope you
find his story an inspiration to you

~ Nancy Chandler

If you don’t already know that there is a GOD and JESUS, I suggest you read this book!

 “Beautifully written and it was often hard to cry and read at the same time. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his arms for many years to come Tony. What an inspiration you are!

My wonderful neighbor, Hable X, told me about you and your book, WOW, I am so happy that he did.



BS Free!!!

If you’re feeling down, pick this up; 

sponge a few pages and breathe.

In moments your storm fades; 

chapters tug your at your heart.

Hope and faith replacing dispair; 

pain and ache becoming challenge.

We all become a sum of experiences; 

likely chaotic for growth & strength.

Tony’s sum of chaos tips the scales;

pick it up, sponge it up and buck up..

Read it once and know your place; 

keep it around for when you’re down..


~ Hablex

An Amazing Story of Perseverance

 This book is a really great read. I loved how the author was able to tell
his story. A lot of the book is told through the eyes of a young boy and
the writer portrays this very well! It’s hard to believe that a person
could endure so much pain in his life and still get up each day and move
forward. I highly recommend this book! Thank you Tony for sharing your
story! I know by doing so you are helping others.


~ Craig

Tony Rocks!!!

Tony was sign my book, The writing was captivating, and he bring us to all his life journey, you can feld the words, this is amazing travel and good words from one man to the world, thank you so much Tony for you history.


~ Amazon Customer

A wonderful Book!

Standing On Positive Ground is a truly inspirational story of faith and
endurance. A lifetime of struggle against negative experiences which
Tony met with faith in God and a positive attitude every day of his


~ Carol

Standing on Positive Ground is very insightful and inspiring.

I have known my best friend Tony Rodriguez for over 20 years but his book has explained a lot of who he is and why. Standing on Positive Ground has not only given me more insights into who Tony is as a person but inspires me to live my life as a better person and understand why faith in God is so powerful in one’s life. The book is very easy to read in the way it written and understand. It has some parts that are hard to read as a human being but to see in the end Tony has become a better person as a result of his experiences. Thanks and kudos to Tony for sharing his life with us to see why he is the way he is!


~ Robert H

What a great book!! I couldn’t put it down!!

I highly recommend this book. What a great read!! Thank you Tony for
taking me on this incredible journey you have endured and have overcome
so many obstacles life has thrown your way. I felt as though I was there
during this crazy journey thru his childhood into adult life. Wow,
such an inspiring story. At times It had me chuckling at how funny and
silly he was and then brought tears to my eyes knowing someone has gone
thru so much and how much more can a person endure. Thank you for
sharing your life story.

 ~ Edna Rodriguez Valenzuela

Definitely a book you must read.

This book tells the hard life of Tony that invites the reader to positively overcome the difficulties they face.


~ Fernando Abarca Vargas

“I am so grateful Tony chooses to be vulnerable with his struggles and then allows us into his journey.
Tony has not only given us a great book, but truly a resource to help us walk through a hard season of life!
The fact that someone could go through all of this and come out of the other side with such a positive outlook is amazing.

~ Novel News Network

“The book is raw, deeply candid, and exquisitely written. Most of all this is a generous and intimate description of the author’s own growth. With a plenitude of characters, historical and contemporary, and open expression of family dynamics.


~ Texas Book Nook

The power of faith and choice.

Tony’s story is one of Faith and the powerful, loving advocacy of a mother.
His mother taught him the power of choosing his perspective in his life events and using it for good. Everyone who reads Tony’s book will see the power of choice in their life.


~ Diana Nordenstrom

What a motivational story

I have known and worked with Tony for over 20 years and know what a great person he is. Because I do know Tony it has been an emotional read, but a good read. There are so many things to learn from reading this that anyone could apply to their life. I highly recommend this book.


~ Mark

“In the fifteen years that we have known Tony, we have witnessed him face endless challenges—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—with the grace of the Divine. Through it all, he has inspired us with his honesty, positivity, humility, and integrity. For anyone who wants to understand how to rise above and be resilient through life’s obstacles, difficulties, and trials, Tony’s story gives us a roadmap to experience them through our heart with faith, courage, and kindness. Even we, as individuals who aspire to help others, are continually reminded of the great Light that Tony shines and how “our” lives are blessed by his beautiful soul. ”
Healers and authors of A True Story of Hope, Healing and Miracles

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“Powerful and brave, heart-wrenching and heartwarming, Standing on Positive Ground shows that pain can be indiscriminate, but so too can perseverance. In this remarkable story, Tony V Rodriguez shares the trials that knocked him down and the strength used to pick himself back up—repeatedly. Inside these pages is an anthem to all those who have faced life’s toughest challenges and a testament to those with the heart to fight back.” 

~ J.J. Hebert, USA Today bestselling author

A truly Inspirational Book

“I found your book “Standing on Positive Ground” amazing in so many ways! An avid reader my entire life, I’ve found that some books are very “special” because they are stories, or lessons, on humanity. They are books that teach us about endurance, mental strength, and human resilience, and also about love for mankind, and how our faith, whether spiritual or otherwise, can be amazingly powerful! Your book was all of these!

Unable to totally comprehend what you’ve endured during your lifetime, I do know that your faith, family members, and friends have, and will, continue to carry you through whatever your future holds for you.

I must say that your Mother, Nancy, is a very special lady and mother, as well as all those who loved you unconditionally and continue to do so. I admire your honesty in telling your story, and I believe that your book will help so many parents who have a child enduring a medical challenge. I hope they discover your book. It will help them to better understand what their child may be feeling or thinking; give them a clearer understanding as to what their child may be going through mentally and emotionally, and not just physically. What a wonderful gift you have given them!”

~ Diane LaLicata


Inspiring great true story of overcoming extreme difficulties and coming out on top

This book is so moving from first page. You won’t believe all the trials one person and family can endure. It has everything and is inspiring true story of triumph, revelation, and love a must read!
~ Richard R.


Inspirational and powerful life message

Inspirational, spiritual. This book set the reader on a lifetime challenges and how to overcome one by one with faith. Being just a toddler and survive to all those burdens, the author tells his story from positive perspectives even for the hardest life events. Once i started reading my mind took me to picture every word written. Im glad for reading it and thankful to Tony for sharing his life thru this book. If you are looking for a courage and standing on positive ground in adversities, you will need to read this book.”
~ Henry Abarca


Inspirational, and  a testament to the difference a little kindness can make in someone’s life

“What to say about this book. From page one it immediately takes you on the journey of a young boy who through the grace of kindness and help from a special power, grows up to live a full and fruitful life. Despite every odd seemingly being stacked against him.

The trials and struggles faced by Tony and his family weren’t fair, and un-deserved. But that isn’t a thought that crossed their minds or hearts. They just lived the best life they could at every turn. This is a story about the overflowing kindness of mankind, the strength of family, and the perseverance of a stubborn young boy who grew up to be an even more stubborn old man. A blessing in itself that too few appreciate.

I feel lucky that this story was shared with the world, and lucky that I was able to immerse myself in it. It really helps you appreciate what matters, and is a clear reminder that while you might be going through a hard time, it could always be worse.

Truly a most inspirational story, I can’t recommend it enough. A book that should be read by all. Really helps you remember to appreciate the time we are given so freely while others have to struggle and fight just for the hope of another day.

Nothing is promised, but everything is possible.”
~ Raymond Bertocki


A book that teaches you its possible to overcome anything

Once I started reading, it was hard to put down. I was amazed at how much one child could endure. Through all of the author’s challenges, to end up with a positive attitude is something I, and I think everyone can learn from. The book helped put all of my life’s struggle into perspective. I’ve already passed this book off to my family to read. I highly recommend this book to everyone.”
~ Jamie


Perseverance and faith in a higher power

I’ve known Tony for over 20 years, but never knew the details of his life, just little snippets. His story is unlike any other and from the first page of the book to the end it is filled with everything imaginable that any one person could go through. I always knew he had a tough life, but reading his story has given me a new found respect. He certainly has weathered anything that came his way through his faith in God and Family and whatever reason he’s on this earth today is a testament to that faith. It’s a great read for anyone that would like to know what it’s like to weather adversity and come out on top!
~ Keith Much

A Must Read Book

This book is awesome. Best part about it is it’s real true. This book is a great inspiration. This goes to show no matter how hard life gets you can overcome it and prevail. Tony is my hero.
~ Dwayne Godfrey


Tony’s book is a testimony of a man wanting to survive against extreme odds and finding a path of determination, perseverance as well as finding extra power and strength beyond human ability. Thank you for the wonderful experiences you were willing to share with the world!” 

Love ❤️ you T-bone

~ Linda Kelly


In the face of all things gone wrong , looking forward and staying positive

Great book by a great person who would not succumb to the negative and debilitating problems he had to endure. Tony’s personality is one of perseverance and resilience along with being able to live life and have some fun along the way.
~ Amazon Customer


A truly inspirational book!

“Standing on Positive Ground is a truly inspirational book about human resilience, love for mankind, and how faith can be amazingly powerful! It’s a gift to all of us, and a “must read.” Tony Rodriguez’ honesty in telling us about his many challenges will be of tremendous help to others, especially parents with a young child facing a serious medical challenge. Tony’s own private thoughts during his many childhood medical ordeals can help them better understand and nurture their child’s emotional well-being, and not just their physical being. I can only hope they find this book..
~ Amazon Customer


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