“It is my sincerest hope that these words help people in similar situations like mine: from cancer to trauma, to burns, to mental as well as physical challenges, to loss of faith, to using faith, and beyond that to…anyone suffering.”
~ Tony V Rodriguez

Standing on Positive Ground

Scars of Faith and Courage, A Life Forever Changed

Standing on Positive Ground is the heartfelt, inspiring true story of Tony V Rodriguez, whose astonishing tragedies and triumphs span a lifetime. It is an unrivaled testament to survival, faith, and the indomitable human spirit.  

Before Tony was three years old, he experienced two car accidents, one that nearly cost him his life and permanently changed him physically and mentally. His family, unable to afford the critical extensive care, prayed for a miracle. Answered prayers came through his community, God, and organizations such as the Shriner’s Burns Hospital. Since then, he has survived two near-death experiences, ten auto accidents, three motorcycle accidents, Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) cancer, a stroke, multiple innovative plastic surgeries, disfigurement discrimination, and two divorces.  

 Through all these extraordinary challenges, Tony also experienced how truly kind people could be, along with the support of the heavenly realm. He knew that he was never alone on his arduous journey. 

Standing on Positive Ground is filled with tragic as well as joyous outcomes. Join Tony as he shares his personal journey, including how he rises above tremendous circumstances and ultimately lives a life of accomplishment and positivity. 

It is Tony’s greatest hope that his life story uplifts and brings inspiration to the reader. 

“In the fifteen years that we have known Tony, we have witnessed him face endless challenges—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—with the grace of the Divine. Through it all, he has inspired us with his honesty, positivity, humility, and integrity. For anyone who wants to understand how to rise above and be resilient through life’s obstacles, difficulties, and trials, Tony’s story gives us a roadmap to experience them through our heart with faith, courage, and kindness. Even we, as individuals who aspire to help others, are continually reminded of the great Light that Tony shines and how “our” lives are blessed by his beautiful soul. ”
Healers and authors of A True Story of Hope, Healing and Miracles

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